2019 Sermons

 So faith comes from hearing and hearing through the word of Christ.
Romans 10:17
Please enjoy and be blessed.


2019Oct13_2x3 13-October-2019
Useful and Prepared for Good Works Pastor Priscilla Babilonia
2019Oct06_2x3 06-October-2019
Insecurity Kills Pastor Philip Farley
2019Sept29_2x3 29-September-2019
Your Morning Is On It’s Way Pastor Philip Farley
2019Sept22_2x3 22-September-2019
Don’t Leave Me Like That Pastor Philip Farley – No Audio File
2019Sept15_2x3 15-September-2019
The God Who RestoresPastor Philip Farley
2019Sept08_2x3 08-September-2019
Tricks and TrapsPastor Philip Farley
2019Sept01_2x3 01-September-2019
The Power of UnbeliefPastor Philip Farley
2019Aug25_2x3 25-August-2019
A Pattern For Prayer That Produces PowerPastor Philip Farley
2019Aug18_2x3 18-August-2019
Can You Hear Me Now?Pastor Philip Farley
2019Aug11_2x3 11-August-2019
Spiritual Warfare
Pastor James R. Farley
2019Aug04_2x3 04-August-2019
Your Time Is NowPastor Philip Farley
2019Jul28_2x3 28-July-2019
Spiritual Investment
Pastor Priscilla Babilonia
2019Jul21_2x3 21-July-2019
Pastor Philip Farley
2019Jul14_2x3 14-July-2019
Living A Life Of Fear
Pastor Philip Farley
2019Jul07_2x3 07-July-2019
Divine Encounters
Pastor Philip Farley
2019Jun30_2x3 30-June-2019
Bloom Where You Are Planted
Pastor James R. Farley – No Audio File
2019Jun23_2x3 23-June-2019
Keys to Sustained Spiritual Growth
Pastor Philip Farley 
2019Jun16_2x3 16-June-2019
Signs of the Holy Spirit
Pastor Philip Farley
2019Jun09_2x3 09-June-2019
Don’t Lose Your Fire
Pastor Priscilla Babilonia
2019Jun02_3x2 02-June-2019
Cruel Christians
Pastor Philip Farley
2019May26_2x3 26-May-2019
When Worlds Collide
Pastor Philip Farley
2019May19_2x3 19-May-2019
Take It Back
Pastor Philip Farley
2019May12_2x3 12-May-2019
Family Feud
Pastor Philip Farley
2019May05_2x3 05-May-2019
Don’t Worry ~ Be Happy
Pastor Philip Farley
2019Apr28_3x2 28-Apr-2019
Nothing But Manna
Pastor Philip Farley
2019Apr21_3x2 21-Apr-2019
Proof of Life
Pastor Philip Farley
2019Apr14_2x3 14-Apr-2019
The Last Temptation of Christ Pastor Philip Farley – No Audio File
2019Apr07_2x3 07-Apr-2019
Who Does God Use Series: Part 2

Who Does God Use? Pastor Philip Farley
2019Mar31_2x3 31-Mar-2019
Who Does God Use Series: Part 1
Who Does God Use?
Pastor Philip Farley
2019Mar24_2x3 24-Mar-2019
A Good Work
Pastor Philip Farley
2019Mar17_2x3 17-Mar-2019
Moving Series: Part 3
The Vision To Move Forward
Pastor Philip Farley
2019Mar10_2x3 10-Mar-2019
The Power Of Praise
Pastor Priscilla Babilonia
2019Mar03_2x3 03-Mar-2019
Moving Series: Part 2
Power To Move Forward
Pastor Philip Farley
2019Feb24_2x3 24-Feb-2019
Moving Series: Part 1
Moving Forward
Pastor Philip Farley
2019Feb17_2x3 17-Feb-2019
Pastor Philip Farley
2019Feb10_2x3 10-Feb-2019
Not Without A Fight
Pastor Philip Farley
2019Feb03_2x3 03-Feb-2019
Somehow – Part 2
Pastor Philip Farley
2019Jan27_2x3 27-Jan-2019
Somehow – Part 1
Pastor Philip Farley
2019Jan20_3x2 20-Jan-2019
Facebook video of Live feed
Pastor Philip Farley
2019Jan13_3x2a 13-Jan-2019
That’s A Good Question
Pastor Philip Farley
2019Jan06_3x2 06-Jan-2019
What Does God Want Me To Do?
Pastor Philip Farley

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