Hitting the refresh button


Maybe I’m alone in this, but there are moments when I forget what this walk of faith is about. I’m always aware of what God has done for me, but in the face of all the reports of a shrinking church I confess to some doubts as to whether or not this message is still relevant. Is it possible that we’re just maintaining this crumbling structure and lying to ourselves that everything is ok? Speaking religious clichés to each other and living a Christian walk that is lifeless and without passion?


I am thankful that God knows that sometimes I need to not just be reminded but also encouraged. As a pastor I am expected to bring encouragement yet I confess that there are moments when the well gets very empty. It is usually around these moments that God places me near the thing that I believe is most dear to His heart, the prayer of one who is turning to Christ for the first time with the prayer of hope that He has the answer.


A web site my daughter showed me recently has brought me so much encouragement. I hope that the stories on this site can stir in you that passion and hope that this faith is as needed today as much as at any time in history, and maybe even more. The old song tells us people need the Lord but there is something so inspiring to actually hear the testimonies of those who come to Him. Please enjoy these words stories and pass them on. Jesus does save!




Revelation 12:11 (TMSG)  They defeated him through the blood of the Lamb and the bold word of their witness.