The news of the death of an icon is everywhere. Michael Jackson for some decades has seemed larger than life. A tragic character in a play that could never have a happy ending. Yet his passing leaves me sadly wondering how a life can go so wrong.


To most people the life that this man lead seemed golden for so long. I was there in the mid 80’s when you couldn’t seem to avoid his image. It was as though God had dropped this golden man on earth. At least that was the impression the media and the fanatics told us.


The unfortunate part of hero worship is that man is imperfect at best with the potential to be pretty evil if left to his own devices. For the last 20 years we have all watched this unfolding train wreck happening before our eyes as piece by piece the King of Pop became a joke to so many.


Maybe it was the isolation, maybe the fame, who will ever be able to tell. I think that what I feel this morning is a caution to not judge to harshly and keep my opinions to myself. I never walked in his shoes and only God can judge a man’s heart. It just leaves me sad that this greatly talented man died trying to reclaim his past glory when what he most needed is the comfort that only his Heavenly father could give.


Is he in heaven…that’s not my call? I pray that he made peace with his God because it would be pretty cool to see that guy I remember back in high school moon walking across streets of gold. Be kind and be careful because how you judge others will be how your judged.