Super Majority

            With the recent election of Al Franken to the Senate, for the first time in a long time one of the major political parties has gained what is called a “super majority”. This simply means that this one party now has the votes to block any parliamentary procedures which could stop or delay the passing of laws that the controlling party doesn’t like. I’m struggling with a certain sense of dread that the fundamentals of American government is compromised when the checks and balances of differing opinions is squelched.


 My feelings on this subject are not being driven by loyalty to any given party but a greater appreciation for the country our founding fathers envisioned.  It is never a safe thing in a democracy for any one view to have absolute power. The strength of America has always been that in our dissent we remain tied to the American principle of a government for the people and by the people. Unfortunately I fear that sadly this is no longer the case.


If I can take this discussion just a bit deeper I am even more distressed by the amount of Christians that have bought into the belief that God’s will can’t be fulfilled without our governments participation. An honest look at both of our major parties reveals some serious flaws when held up to the mirror of God’s word. On one hand we have a party that supports everything from abortion to same sex marriage and another party that will sell their own mother down the river for a donation, while at the same time banging the drum for family values, yet committing sins so scandalous that their own families lie in waste. Neither of these parties have the moral high road, yet we are frequently told their leaders are Godly men.   I see no clear-cut evidence to support such claims.


In a perfect world we would once again return to a theocracy and be a nation under God. Unfortunately the chances of this happening are slim. I believe that the efforts of the Christian community to bring change through government, although noble, have been misguided. While we march and attack sin on all fronts we have stopped our good works. The very works that would cause us to be the relevant voice this world needs we have abandoned.


I pray that once again the cry for true Christian service will become our calling. Not to try and change the hearts of men through law, but to lead them to the cross through love. Do I know that our nation is a sinful place…absolutely. But an honest assessment of the fruit of our recent endeavors begs the question, what are we doing? Where are the changed lives that were the fruit of the ministry of Jesus?


I do worry of our country’s direction. We cannot continue down the road we are going without having to pay a very steep price, but my confidence is not shaken. I know that the ways of man and his system will fail, but my God is eternal and His ways are higher.  His ways come with a guarantee – He wins in the end.