Time keeps on Slipping

In 1973 Steve Miller penned the song “Fly like an Eagle” and we all were put on notice that time keeps on slipping into the future. This classic song speaks of the many desires of a young man to make a difference, yet the reality is that good intentions are not enough to conquer the constant shift of time and its relentless journey forward.


How many of us, if we would stop and evaluate our lives, could fill a book with the things we wanted to do versus those we actually did?  It is part of the human experience that as long as we are emotional beings, we will be moved to action by events and environment. The real test is not in our feelings but in our actions.


I wish that I could honestly say that I’ve always been true to live in the moment; to be one of those who have responded in the heat of the moment before the tentacles of indecision began to worm their way across my conscience, rendering the cause irrelevant to pressures and duty of responsibilities. I tend to bat around .250% when it comes to matters of the heart but I still believe that God is asking for more. The question is…will I give it?


Time is no one’s friend. When we’re young we feel invincible and  we feel that we will always have the time to get things right.  It doesn’t take long to see the error of such self-indulgent thoughts.


James said that our lives are but a vapor, seen for a moment and then gone. This so fits the rapid passing of time, yet it begs an answer to the question, what are you doing with your time?  Have responsibility, career, and family become such a driving force that you  stay deaf to the emotional call of your heart and the visual images that continue to ask you to join and make a difference?


I hear the question so often, “What is my purpose?”   May I suggest that it may be closer to you than you think.   If you will open your heart and respond before time slips further away, maybe flying like an eagle may be possible for you yet!