It’s a New Day

A few weeks ago I picked up the latest release from Delirious “Kingdom of Comfort”.  I was very interested in getting this album because of some information I had recently heard… Delirious was going into retirement.  The band that has given us such worship classics as ‘I Can Sing of your Love Forever’, ‘Can you feel the Mountains Tremble?’, ‘Happy Song’, and so many more was calling it quits.  It wasn’t for any scandalous reason.  It wasn’t even because of personal desires to have solo careers.  The reason was just a simple desire to be home with their families.  Reluctantly I wished them the best and put their latest CD into my player and pressed play.


            I am not a music reviewer and this is not meant as  a music review, but from the first note to the last I was pulled on a sonic journey by one of the greatest bands to ever record.  Martin Smith (the coolest front man in history) opens the record with a personal song of repentance for materialistic excess and from then on song after song pulls you deeper into a man’s very personal look at his faith and life.  To say this is a great album is missing the point…it’s an extraordinary album. Yet to me its greatness is not just found in the music, but in its historical position as the band’s last album.


            After listening several times through, all I could think about was how amazing it was that this band was going out on its highest point.  Instead of a half-baked product by a bunch of worn out musicians, we have been given songs as fresh, challenging and spiritually relevant as anything these men have ever done.


            This got me thinking….the Bible tells us that we will go from faith to faith and glory to glory.  If this is so then doesn’t that suggest that the best is always in front of us?  If this is the case then why do we settle so easily for lives that are the opposite of this promise?  How many of us know the high school or college friend that peaked at graduation and have been sliding into obscurity ever since?  Probably more than we care to remember or maybe even the one remembered is as close as the mirror you look into.


            The promise of an abundant life speaks deeply to my soul that relevance is not something relegated to my youth.  To have the chance at moving from season to season in life with excitement and expectation is a hope that is to be treasured.  Even when I leave a winter season, I can go out with my best foot forward because of a God who is always bringing me to a better place … if only I follow.


            Too many make excuses as we age.  Our songs from youth are filled with strength and promise.  The song from our aging life becomes something muted and even mournful if we forget His promises.  Delirious reminded me with their last project of a conquering warrior expectantly embracing the next season with an expectancy that they haven’t seen the best yet.       


            Dear Father, lead me on this path…a path that travels from faith to faith and glory to glory…a path where Your best is still in front of me.