Defending Your Peace

           As we move forward in the brave new world that we live in I find it increasingly important to examine how we’re to cope with the seemingly unrestricted access technology has to our lives. From the phone, which is in many ways an electronic handcuff, to social networking in its many forms, there is no end to the easy way with which we are contacted and engaged.


            I am not one who is anti-technology. In fact, I probably am more of a techno-junkie when it comes to gadgets and electronics than most, but I am becoming convinced that limits must be placed on their role in my life because they open doors to emotions that are not necessary.


            How many of us have sat with our list of “friends” on our social network and wondered why they were even there? When was the last time you went through your contacts on your cell phone and deleted someone because even seeing their name caused a negative reaction in you?


            Some may think that I am taking an unloving position. How can you say you’re acting with Godly love when you cut people out of your life who for whatever reason you no longer intact with? Aren’t we supposed to be forgiving people, forgetting their offenses and just moving on?       


            It is my deep belief that forgiveness is vital to our survival but that forgiveness is a process. We make the mistake as we heal from situations of allowing people, places and things to have too much emotional access to our feelings. To hit the delete button on a person can be one of the greatest steps to defending one’s peace that one can take.


            When we keep access to the hurtful past by internet stalking peoples’ social pages it is not God’s fault that we can’t keep our peace. It is ours.  It is yours. Keeping a phone contact because maybe someday you will reconcile with someone is a gateway to undermining your peace every time you see their name.


            It is part of our human nature to cling. We want to hold on because looking forward is not always easy. We cannot see the future clearly so we cling to a past that no longer exists. In doing so we stop defending our peace and throw open the door to be attacked again and again.


            God has promised us a peace that passes all understanding but I believe it is conditional. We cannot place the burden on His shoulders to protect us when we keep picking at an emotional scab – never letting it heal.


            So today I give you permission to hit the delete button. Clean out the closet and close the door to those who have moved on from you. Protecting your peace is possible but first you have to limit access to those who would only look to steal it.