Dividing Lines

            It is hard for me to imagine that 10 years have already passed since the 9/11 tragedy happened. If you were old enough to remember that day, it was one of those beautiful September days that makes you forget snow is coming soon.  Kids had gone back to school just days before; baseball was winding down and football gearing up. It was just an ordinary day in America; until suddenly it wasn’t.

            Nineteen men committed to a cause that we still don’t understand turned planes that we use to travel across this country and to far flung destinations into weapons of warfare. We as a nation, which has always prided ourselves in our ability to fight and protect ourselves, were driven to our knees, not by a mighty army, but by a few committed men.  Ten years later and the reverberations from that horrible day are still causing destruction.

            Its masterminds had several intents.  Some were very visible such as the heartbreak over the loss of loved ones who never stood a chance, to damaging our financial system by undermining the world’s faith in America, and finally to create a cloud of fear that to this day we cannot shake.  Maybe the worst of the damage is that ten years later America has never been so divided.

            I am not naïve enough to believe that we had great unity before the attacks, but I would challenge anyone to show me that we were ever as divided as we are today.  Never have we lived in a time where so little is being accomplished while at the same time so much anger is spewing from those who claim to represent our best interests. We used to live in a country where statesmen walked the halls of Congress. Men and women who knew when to put ideology down for the betterment of or country and reach across the aisle to find agreement on our nation’s problems. Sadly, that seems to be just more tragic fallout from 9/11. We have become a house divided.

            There used to be a time when presidents where respected just because they were president. Over the last ten years I have heard people publicly call for the assassination of President Bush to throwing disgusting racial slurs at President Obama. I sometimes wonder if I’m still living in America or some place that has embraced anarchy with a vengeance. Division has unleashed a lack of civility in our country that I am afraid is driving us to a place of war. This time the enemy won’t be coming from the outside; the enemy we fight will be each other.

            Has there ever been a time for someone to stand up and sound the alarm that our cultural war is unwinnable?  America has always found strength in its diversity. Any time we have tried to homogenize the landscape we ended up weaker.  Whenever we have tried to legalize morality we have ended up with greater moral problems. Whenever we have forced our views down the throats of others without respect for differing views they have ended up becoming our enemies.

            Ten years from 9/11 I am afraid to say we are not a better country.  We are weaker and more vulnerable than ever.  The unity of purpose that held us together in those trying first few days is a distant memory. The brotherhood of unified suffering has drifted into camps whose only voice is anger at their fellow brothers. United we stand and divided we are falling.

            I have no answer. I am but a small voice in a big pond. My heart breaks at what we are becoming and I fear that we have yet to even see just how bad things can get.


Revelations 22:20

He which testifies these things said, surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.