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Day 1…

May 13th, 2009

Ahh new adventures! The idea of writing my ideas down in a format that allows others to view, judge and comment on their content is strangely frightening and yet exhilarating. The barrier presented by the pulpit can at times be daunting to overcome as a pastor works to connect with people on a personal level. My hope for this blog is to share the things that move me; the things that cause me to feel a part of this human journey, and most important of all, the things that allow me to see the hand of my Creator guiding me along this path. For content I will draw upon my own studies and at times open the door for others to share their thoughts here as well. My prayer is that we can grow closer as a community of believers and to also invite those who may not see things eye to eye with us to the table. So welcome and let the adventure begin.