FWC Youth Group


Connect with each other
Connect with God!


All students are welcome
to join us 

every Thursday @ the church
from 6:30 – 8:15 pm.

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Every generation seems to fight greater battles than the one before.
In this day and age the struggle to survive has grown fierce. Ask any parent, ask any student and one thing they agree on is it’s tough to be young.

Into this fight comes the greatest source of hope known to man…the Power of God. The message of the Good News is as relevant for today’s generation as any that have gone before it.

The need for an emerging church for this generation has never been greater. A church that sounds, looks and feels like nothing we have ever seen before but is recognized by its unending love for God.


FWC Youth strives to provide that place where students can experience God and grow into their Divine purpose – a place where their gifts and talents are nurtured – a place where they’re safe to be themselves – a place where new friends can be found as they travel the road of life and seek God’s ultimate plan for themselves.