Our Vision



  • To inspire people to pursue their hopes, dreams and desires through the power of a relationship with Jesus Christ. 
  • We will respect all members of God’s creation without bias to race, gender or age. We will follow the ways of Jesus in extending dignity to all mankind that those who have lost hope may regain it. 
  •  To further the purpose of FWC, its people must first start with a passionate belief that what we are engaged in can help to further the direct mission of our church. We will also do it with joy, laughter and the understanding that together we can do more than apart. 
  • When we are fully engaged, we will be a source of hope and inspiration to the community around us.  By having an extended worldview beyond our walls, we will extend compassion to those around us that need a helping hand and will take the responsibility of being the representatives of Christ as a solemn oath before our community. 
  • We realize that to deliver to God, our church family and our community the above goals, we have to be transparent before all. We are still seekers on the journey who still have much to learn along the way. We believe that Jesus Christ holds the answers to all of life’s questions but we do not claim to have achieved a higher status than any seeker of His ways. It must always be our position that we are humble, imperfect people seeking to bring honor to God through living lives that are significant because of our genuine desire to please Him through our actions.

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