Our Pastors

There’s a song with this great title, God of Wonders. That fits so much of my life perfectly. As I look over the past few years, I can attest to the fact that He is a God of wonders. How else can a man or woman with all of our flaws and inadequacies ever achieve a destiny that is far beyond our ability to reach? It truly takes a God who makes wonders out of us. I am blessed to have personally experienced the amazing work that God can do through a person who will dare to believe that God’s best can be for me.

This journey has had many twists and turns, maybe none more than the turn that brought my wife and me to the Central New York area some years ago. We came because we believed that God called us here, but we stayed because God gave us a passion and love for the people and the Syracuse area. Along the way a distant call to the ministry that had been dormant for many years, ignited in us. From those beginning days of children’s choirs and youth departments, the foundations for what would become Family Worship Center were born.

Family Worship Center represents to me the church I have always desired to attend. A multicultural church dedicated to reaching out to all sections of its community. A church where “second chance” is our theme. A church where everyone feels welcomed and leaves knowing someone was glad they came. A church where all ages and races have a place to call home and a family to love and be loved by. A church where God’s word is communicated in a way that people, young and old, not only understand it, but learn from it. Most of all a church where lives are rebuilt and dreams explode as we all travel this incredible road to God’s divine destiny for our lives. This is the church I attend and I hope that you will join us on the journey.


Pastor Philip and Jessica Farley