Children’s Ministries



The mission of our children’s ministry is simple – to reach those children who have not yet HEARD…and to disciple those who have HEARD!

Heard what?!  That Jesus Christ loves them abundantly, and that He died for their sins so they can eventually live with Him forever…

Eventually, especially for a child, is a really long time.  So what next? Teach them that their life is not only a gift – but an Adventure!

Teaching children to live their lives as God intended through a relevant and creative style that kids understand is an all-out adventure.   To delve into God’s living Word — and to watch, as it comes alive in the life of your child — is our honor and our privilege.

So we invite you to join us as we embark on this great Adventure!

Pastor Jessica M. Farley & the Live the Adventure team        


NURSERY (infants – 2 years)

 Available during Sunday Worship services