Freedom Fund


One of the great crimes against humanity, that is being perpetrated today, is the crime of human trafficking. Men, women and small children are being sold all across our planet. Many are sold as slave labor, domestic help and most horribly into the sex trade industry. Children are often the targets of traffickers and many are sold by their own parents, who live a life of degradation, suffering and even death.

Family Worship Center is privileged to be part of a growing community of people who are raising our voices to this injustice. Not only are we speaking up but we have started Freedom Fund to become actively engaged in working to make a difference. After researching various organizations we have chosen 2 that we trust, to apply our financial support in ways that will have the greatest impact on this issue. These organizations are freeing people from this bondage and providing the long term mental and physical support that many of these innocent victims need to recover. Our support is also providing help to track down and prosecute traffickers in the countries they operate.

The problem is huge – The problem is global
But, with many voices raised we can make a difference 

$128.00 Can bring freedom and healing to one of these.



For more information on these organizations check our Partner Links for: and

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